HVAR PRESENTS big multimedia exhibition “MADE IN CROATIA” which will be placed in the historical building of Arsenal in Hvar, one of the trademarks of the city from 15th May, 2023 – 20th July, 2023.

It will be presented the founding fathers of Croatian identity, to whom we owe numerous inventions, knowledge, achievements of civilization and artefacts of cultural heritage without which it is almost impossible to imagine the functioning of modern life. With this tailor-made exhibition, visitors to the city would have a unique opportunity to explore cultural content and to meet with the great men, their inventions or works of art that have left the footprint around the globe.

Originality, visionary, wide application of ideas and inventions were the criteria for the selection of the individuals represented at the exhibition. The unique national, scientific, and cultural heritage that they left us as an inheritance is presented in the curatorial conception of dr. sc. Anita Ruso Brečić.

A total of 38 topics will be presented at the exhibition. Certain topics refer to individuals such as Nikola Tesla, Faust Vrančić, Dora Maar, Slavoljub Eduard Penkala. Ivan Vučetić and Hanibal Lucić, while other topics refer to groups of people (from the same field of activity) and cultural heritage specific to the island of Hvar and/or Croatia.

The main guiding thought of the exhibition concept is to create links between the inventive and artistic past, present and future. Various works of art, author’s designs, patents, archival documents, and videos, as well as appliances and devices created according to the patents and ideas of deserving individuals can be viewed in the exhibition.

On May 15, Hvar marks the 155th anniversary of organized tourism, when the Hygienic Society was founded in 1868 in Hvar – the first modern tourist association in this region – and laid the foundations for the development of the kind of tourism we know today on a global level, and the “Made in Croatia” exhibition is a symbolic gift for the anniversary.

Source: Visit Hvar

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